The Life Acceleration


For people who are ready to finally take responsibility for their healing, growth, and evolution.

Accelerate your growth, embody your truth, and manifest your vision leading an exciting purpose-driven life. 

Even if you feel stuck, are confused about the path you are on, and have no support in your growth journey.

Here are the 2 biggest reasons
many people struggle to create the life they want…

1. They try to do it alone


2. They learn from people who do not embody the integrity of their authentic selves.

...and it gets worse!

These 5 Critical Things Will Have You Finally Make The Shift In Your Life That You Desire

1. Embodied, self-expressed mentors

When you surround yourself with mentors who cater to your unique needs, you gain insights, skills and tools that accelerate your growth faster than you can do on your own

2. True community

When you walk with people who are committed to their own healing and growth, witnessing them release addictions and reclaim their authentic selves, you get inspired in your own journey of growth.

3. Life and business skills

When you learn real life and business skills from conscious teachers/leaders, you develop the ability to create financial abundance through purpose driven human transformation!

4. Personalized and consistent personal growth routines

When you create routine and consistency in your life for how to grow it supports you in seeing consistent growth, and it ensures that you don’t slip and fall and wind up wasting months or even years of your life.

5. Improving key areas of your life simultaneously

When you are learning about and improving various aspects of your life at the same time, your physical – mental – emotional health, your relationships and sexuality, you can grow at an exponential pace…because you are only as strong as your weakest link.

If you are still with me,
I know you are serious about upleveling your life,
and I can’t wait to reveal my system of sourcing healing,
finding community, manifesting your vision and living the life of your dreams...


The Life Acceleration


A compilation of four epic recordings from CREATE Community classes designed to give you a new understanding of life on an energetic and practical level, so that you can customize your personal development journey, improve every area of your life, and learn tools that you can apply consistently so that you can realize continuous growth. (Valued at $421)

With the Life Acceleration Video gives you access to content from world class coaches who taught in The CREATE Community.

Normally it would cost thousands of dollars to train with these coaches, but today we are giving you these exclusive recordings for free.

It takes a lot of courage to invest in yourself and to declare to yourself that you want to upgrade your life. We want to acknowledge you for that and honor you by offering this gift that will support you in upgrading your life in all areas.


This Life Acceleration Video is curated to encourage self-expression and invite authenticity without there being a right or wrong way of achieving self-mastery.

The Life Acceleration Video is designed to welcome all levels. Whether you are experienced in personal development programs or just getting started, we’re here to help you on the next part of your journey.

Acceleration video 1:

Free Will vs. Destiny with Nicole Gibson

Nicole is known as a multi-award winning social entrepreneur, but she prefers to be seen as an unstoppable messenger of love and human potential; impacting millions of people worldwide with her unconventional models of community development and transformation. Currently Nicole is the CEO of a global movement, Love Out Loud, engaging 4% of the global populous to hit critical mass and shift humanity’s baseline from fear to love. 

Nicole has made a vast impact in the health and education landscape in Australia, and served as the youngest Commonwealth Commissioner for Health in history, advising directly to the Australian Federal Health Minister and Prime Minister.

Nicole has enjoyed a highly successful international career, speaking across tens of countries, and recently has taken years of experience in corporate/political consultation, experiential facilitation and complex community work and launched her debut book ‘Love Out Loud’, making this process accessible and easily applied to any community or individual.

Like a treasure map, this class invites you on a journey of self-discovery to find the true higher purpose of your life. The intention is to dive into your fullest self expression to activate the dormant power within each person present in the class.

Top Five Takeaways

Acceleration video 2:

Manifesting Money with Adam Roa

Adam Roa is an entrepreneur and a 7-figure coach who has worked with high-performing clients such as actors, medical professionals, and CEOs. He has been featured by Goalcast as one of the “Top 33 Gamechangers To Watch” alongside Michelle Obama, Lebron James, and Elon Musk, and his spoken word poem “You Are Who You’ve Been Looking For” has been viewed over 200 million times. Adam is also the host of “The Deep Dive with Adam Roa”, a podcast that has been listed by Business Insider as one of the top 21 podcasts to expand your mind in 2021. Adam embodies everything he teaches – his art has transformed the lives of millions as a highly-sought International Speaker and artist who has spoken and performed at countless events around the world, including Oslo Freedom Forum, MindValley A-Fest, and Envision Festival.

In this class, Adam breaks down personal development concepts into their foundational energetic understandings through a process. As Tesla famously said, “if you want to know the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration”. This class is designed to put this concept into practical understanding that can be tangibly applied to your life to ensure you are effectively creating the life you want to lead.

Top Five Takeaways

Acceleration video 3:

Erotic Entrepreneurship With Chelsey Jo

Chelsey Jo is an embodiment guide and business coach. She support entrepreneurs with turning their vision all the way on with their innate wisdom, pleasure, and vision.

Chelsey Jo teaches you how to create a conscious new earth business through connecting to the deepest part of your purpose and practicing intuitive business development. This class will show you how to stand out and become an authority figure in your field by giving you tools to support you in embodying your message and becoming a vibrational match to your vision.

Top Five Takeaways

Acceleration Video 4:

Unlock Your Unique Genius With Oren Harris

Oren Harris is an artist , thought leader, and spiritual teacher who is an expert on Flow. He has over a decade of experience as a creative entrepreneur, speaker and actor.

He has supported thousands of people unlock and express their unique genius, trained hundreds of leaders and created high performance teams and communities.

He also recognized as accomplished spoken word poet and artist.

This class is like a Dojo where you come to train the more intangible qualities of high performance, invincible creativity, fearless expression, and personal empowerment. 

This experience is for those who’s deep passion and or career thrives on them being tapped into flow and creativity.

Top Five Takeaways

Here’s what you'll receive in

the life acceleration


Four CREATE Classes on how to step into your power of conscious leadership through upgrading your relationship to your relationships, business, and creativity.

By receiving the free Life Acceleration Video, you will also get a special invitation to join The CREATE Community where you will get weekly live coaching from world class facilitators.

In The CREATE Community you will gain weekly insights on how to break free from fears and challenges that hold you back, and get confidence in living your version of a self-actualized life. 

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